“Be Joyful…The Lord Is Your Saviour!”

“Be Joyful…The Lord Is Your Saviour!”(Hab.3:18-19).During the Babylonian barrassment prophet Habakkuk was worried with God’s silence when cruel people were destroying those more righteous than them?(1:4). The LORD’s answer was that he will act in his own good time, and “those who are righteous will live because they are faithful to God”(2:4b).Habakkuk, though classified as […]

“The LORD Is A Lamp To Your Feet…!”

“The LORD Is A Lamp To Your Feet…!”(Ex. 13:20-22).*”Dzid bi Nyikob” and *Nyikob loh u ntsehni ” (“Travel with God” and “Let God take you and escort you”) are powerful though brief prayers for someone who is traveling or about to travel.*These prayers which predates the missionary enterprise tells us that the Nyonga people knew […]

“The Transfiguration!”

“The Transfiguration !”(Mt.17:1-8).Those who live or work in the top storeys of skyscrapers understand how a view of the valley from the top is like. When they look down, cars look like cats and pedestrians are like Lilliputians.Being high up there can drag you away from reality. In fact, to some people, when they are […]

“In Defence Of The Faith!”

“In Defense Of The Faith!”Dear friend, all through the week our reflections have centred around God’s divine call and human response. Where were you when God called you? What were you doing when he called you?As for me, as a young man, after spending fruitless time in some of our townships I returned home to […]

“Put Out Into Deep Water…!”

“Put Out Into Deep Water…!”(Lk. 5:1-11).There is the joke about the songs of the rich and poor Christians. Rich Christian’s song: “It shall be permanent. What the Lord has done for me it shall be permanent. “ The song of a poor Christian: “Change my story Jehovah, change my story…”Jesus says he came that we […]