“As We Approach The Lent Season…!”

“As We Approach The Lent Season…!”(Mk.9:30-32).Wednesday 02/03/2022 will be Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent season. Lent is a period of forty days that gives way to Easter Sunday.During Lent we reflect on the betrayal, shame, humiliation and sufferings of our Lord Jesus Christ, and his torturous death.During this season we make […]

“Being God’s Fellow Worker!”

“Being God’s Fellow Worker!”(I Cor.3:7-9)Few days ago my immediate predecessor paid me a visit. In the course of our discussion he remarked that great developmental changes have taken place within the church premises.I told him that certain things just happen at particular times according to God’s timing. I reminded him that he and other predecessors […]

“Abide In The Living And Active Word Of God!”

“Abide In The Living And Active Word Of God!”(Heb.4:12-13).A young man joyfully announced to his friends, “At last, I am now free of the dos and don’ts of the Bible!” His friends asked whether he had discovered a new way of keeping the commandments of the Lord? He told them that far from that, he […]

“Confess That ‘Jesus Is Lord’ And You Will Be Saved!”

“Confess That ‘Jesus Is Lord’ And You Will Be Saved!”(Rom.10:9-17).Christianity like Judaism, the religion of its origin are today referred to as “religions of the Book.” But these religions did not begin in a book. Everything began in orality. Genesis means “beginnings” but its content were written after it had circulated orally for centuries.In the […]

“Make God’s House A House Of Prayer…!”

“Make God’s House A House Of Prayer…!”The financial transactions that were carried out within the temple precints was “a necessary evil.” Those who came from far distances to the “Passover Feast needed animals that met ritual requirements for sacrifice.” They could not bring such animals from their homes. The same applied to those who needed […]