“Be Strong, Do Not Fear, I Am With You!”

“Be Strong, Do Not Fear, I Am With You!” (Hag.2:1-9).Prophet Haggai was among those who returned from the Babylonian exile and embarked on rebuilding the temple which had been destroyed by the Babylonians. The progress of the work was slow. Haggai reflected with nostalgia on the glory of the former temple which was constructed by […]

“Be Glad And Rejoice…!”

“Be Glad And Rejoice…!”Life is not always as smooth as we want it to be. Tough times do happen to us as a people and as individuals. What we should know is that “tough times never last…”Those whom the Lord choses should see calamities as punishment for sins, not as abandonment. The steadfast love of […]

“Clothe Yourself With The Lord Jesus Christ!”

“Clothe Yourself With The Lord Jesus Christ!”Today is first Sunday in Advent beginning the four Sundays before Christmas. The selected biblical lessons of Advent asks us to prepare to receive Christ not only as in Christmas but as in his second coming.The certainty of the second coming should be a motivation for godly living. Hence, […]

“Fan Into Flame The Gift Of God!”

“Fan Into Flame The Gift Of God!” (II Tim. 1:6-10).The mentioned passage above is a rich message from Paul to his spiritual son Timothy.From the text we note that Paul was the one who empowered Timothy for ministry through the laying of hands (ordination). Apart from that, Timothy’s sincere faith was cross-generational. Such faith first […]

“New Life In Jesus Christ!”

“New Life In Jesus Christ!” (Jn.5:25-29).There is a brand of Christianity in South Africa that can be traced to Nongqawuse. She was an illiterate village girl who heard a confusing message concerning the resurrection of the dead. She asked her Xhosa people to kill all their cattle. She said all the cattle shall arise and […]