“…Keep Up Your Courage…For I Have Faith In God…!”

“…Keep Up Your Courage… For I Have Faith In God…!”We have been called and assigned differntly. God will not call all of us to become leaders. Some are called to lead others, but they may not be the ones in control. Those in control as by God may be amongst those who are being led. […]

“E Go Better! – It Shall Be Well!”

“E Go Better! – It Shall Be Well!”We do not all come to Jesus with the same concerns and worries. We noted in the case of the rich young ruler that Jesus wanted him to part with his wealth, then come follow him Jesus. That was something the rich young ruler was not ready to […]

“What You Must Do To Inherit Eternal Life!”

“What You Must Do To Inherit Eternal Life!”St. Augustine of Hippo, the great African theologian and bishop realised that life is the doing of God. So he said, “You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless, until they find rest in you.” It was that kind of restlessness of the heart that […]

“Lord, Give Me Just As Much As You Have Allocated For Me!”

“Lord, Give Me Just As Much As You Have Allocated For Me!”(Text: Prv. 30:5-9).The “eisegesis” – the way we read meaning into texts these days is the predominant reason for the seeming nonchalance of God towards our prayers and petitions. “Exegesis” – which is the critical explanation or interpretation of scripture is often blatantly ignored […]

“Be Your Own Commander…!”

“Be Your Own Commander…!”The focus of yesterday’s story was how the Lord fed Elijah miraculously througn ravens and gave him water from the brook. Today we are made to understand that part of the tools of God’s miraculous provisions are in our hands.Instead of feeding us through the ravens, we are rather sent to be […]