“Be Comforted; Your Day Of Restoration Is Here!”

“Be Comforted; Your Day Of Restoration Is Here!”The Akan of Ghana allowed the choice of a new natural ruler in the hands of old women. It was considered that these old mothers knew the character traits of each child. Reason being that each time parents were going to the farm they placed the children under […]

“You Are The Ransomed Of The Lord!”

“You Are The Ransomed Of The Lord!”The new normal in the troubled region where I reside is kidnapping and demands for ransom. What was supposed to be a struggle for selfhood has turned out to be gangsterism against the very people we claim to be fighting for.We have prayed and fasted and we are still […]

“Be The Shepherd God Wants!”

“Be The Shepherd God Wants!”As a noun a shepherd is a person who tends or rears sheep. When used as a verb, to shepherd will mean “to guide or direct in a particular direction.” Coming from a nomadic culture (In Cameroon we may say Mbororo culture) the Bible uses shepherd in relation to taking care […]

“Trust And Obey The Lord!”

“Trust And Obey The Lord!”Over the generations death has been a horrible monster to humanity. Our mortality is hardly accepted by us. Back in time prophet Isaiah comforted his people with the assuring words that God “will swallow up death forever.”In keeping with his plans God kept to his words. When Jesus rose from the […]

“Be A Living Stone Built Into God’s House!”

“Be A Living Stone Built Into God’s Spiritual House!”God kept his promise and laid a “chosen and precious stone” that “the one who trusts in him will never be put to shame.” This stone (Jesus Christ) is that same stone which the builders rejected but which in God’s hands has become the cornerstone.While the stone […]