“Seek The Great Teacher, Preacher And Healer!”

“Seek The Great Teacher, Preacher And Healer!” Modern day Christian churches in Africa consider the opening of schools as a fulfilment of the teaching ministry. This is quite a misnomer hinging from the missionary strategy which considered school as an evangelistic strategy. The outcome has been that school has failed to teach the full knowledge […]

“God Will Give You A New Name!”

“God Will Give You A New Name!” As I spent this week marking the cards of Christians at Bamenda Station congregation the shocking discovery is the number of displaced persons from all over the North West region. This tells you how bad the situation is! The recent upsurge in burning of houses, wanton destructions and […]

“Be Sincere In Love; Hate What Is Evil…!”

“Be Sincere In Love; Hate What Is Evil…!” When the crocodile is eating someone tears is coming out of its eyes, hence the figurative expression, “Do not shed crocodile’s tears.” A boy killed his parents. When brought before the judge he pleaded guilty but asked the judge to show him mercy because he was an […]

“Remain Rooted In Jesus Christ!”

“Remain Rooted In Jesus Christ!” Some people could not understand why Jesus’ disciples were not fasting whereas those of John and the Pharisees were. They asked to know why and Jesus took the opportunity to tell them why fasting was not a sine qua non in his presence. Fasting is a religious practice for inner […]

“Put Your Faith In Jesus Christ!”

“Put Your Faith In Jesus!” John tells us that Jesus performed his first miracle at a wedding at Cana in Galilee. The wine was not enough and at the behest of his mother he changed water into wine. For Mary this was surely not the first miracle of Jesus. Mary told Jesus because she knew […]