“Jesus’ Power – Super Power!”


“Jesus’ Power – Super Power!”(Mt.8:28-34).
In Jesus’ encounters with demons he never killed them; except in this one encounter where he gave in to the wishes of the demons and put them into a herd of pigs. The demons died with the pigs in the lake water.
Otherwise in the New Testament demons do die yet; they are waiting for the appointed time.
When a demon is cast out of a person and if it is not replaced with Christ and the Holy Spirit, the demon comes back with seven other demons thus worsening the person’s condition(Mt.12:43-45).
The demons knew Jesus as the “Son of God.” They also knew that there is a time for their torture. Their worry was that Jesus had come to torture them “before the appointed time.”
As a rule Jews don’t eat pigs. If pig farming was normal here it means there were migrants living there or it may be that there was a nearby market where pigs fetched good money. That may explain why when the shepherds narrated to the townspeople what had happened, they did not come to see the marvel. They did not come to praise God or bring sick people to Jesus either.
Rather, “When they saw him, they pleaded with him to leave their region.”
If Jesus stayed longer he would become a threat to pig farming in the region – a main source of income!
I recall that many years back when Mr Ibu was still emerging he featured in a cast where he had to push his crippled brother in a wheelbarrow as they went about begging for alms. One day they met with a pastor and his band of prayer warriors. They prayed and the cripple got up and started walking. The people started praising God but Mr. Ibu buttoned the pastor and asked in anger, “What do you think you have done? How do you think we are going to survive?…”
Those who use their disability as a source of livelihood may not appreciate being restored to wholeness. And this applies to relatives who use the disabilities of others as a source of income.
Bottom line:

  1. Demons know Jesus very well.
  2. Jesus transacted with the demons.
  3. Jesus obeyed the demons because he knew their request was self-destructive. Their request led to their untimely demise; because as we have noted Jesus cast out demons, he did not kill them!
  4. The townpeople were not pleased with Jesus because he was a threat to their source of income.
    Lesson from the request of the demons: What is seemingly desirable at face value may become the source of our destruction.
    Lesson from the reaction of the townpeople: Lookout for the people who may feel threatened because you have done good to others.
    There are people who become terribly angry if you make a move to broker a peace deal to end this war among brothers and sisters!
    But we must keep doing good!
    Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, help me to appreciate the good you do to others; even when it is to my disadvantage. Amen!
    Have a blessed day! Peace be with you!
    Rev Babila Fochang.


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