“Walking In The Way Of Holiness!”

“Walking In The Way Of Holiness!”(Is.35:3-10).I may be repeating myself, but if it is helpful, then it is worth repeating. Hot water was poured on the bed bugs. It was the first experience of the baby bugs. They were writhing in pain because they had never experienced such pain. Mother bug who had survived several […]

“Make Full Preparation!”

“Make Full Preparation!”(Mt.25:1-13).The story is told of a guy who stayed up all night preparing for an examination. But once inside the examination hall he went into deep sleep. Another story is of a man who had studied and revised well for an examination. Once inside the examination room, and when the question papers had […]

“Longing For A Better Country!”

“Longing For A Better Country!”(Heb.11:13-19a).After the first match of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon at the World Cup 2022, the slogan of patriotism “wuo take that cup” now comes out stammeringly because of the defeat suffered in the hand of the Swiss team. But what has been a shocking revelation is that Embolo who scored […]

“Have Faith…!”

“Have Faith…!”(Heb.11:1-7).“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…” with the rest of creation happening at his words(Gen.1:1ff). The question we do not want to voice openly, but asked by the majority of students of theology is, “Who was present, seeing how God was creating to be able to put it down in […]

“Let The Surprise Element Not Take You By Surprise!”

“Let The Surprise Element Not Take You By Surprise!”(I Th.5:5-11).It’s another beautiful day in which the LORD has once more shown us love. “Thank you LORD” is all we can offer.“The day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.” People will be living care-free lives like in the days of Noah, […]