“Pay Attention To The Message Of Salvation!”

“Pay Attention To The Message Of Salvation!”(Heb.2:5-9).Our message is an attempt to clarify in context the clarification of Psalm 8 by the writer of the letter to the Hebrews.God made man a little lower than heavenly beings(angels), but heavenly beings are not mentioned in the creation story. This supposes that they are included among the […]

“Thank You Lord Jesus Christ!”

“Thank You Lord Jesus Christ!”(Mt.9:18-26).Yesterday we reflected on the dry bones of Ezekiel’s vision. Today we have similar situations where God in Christ turns hopeless situations around for good.A woman who had a continuous menstrual flow of blood for twelve years touched Jesus with the conviction, “If I only touch his cloak, I will be […]

“Restoration Hope!”

“Restoration Hope!”(Ez.37:1-14).Ezekiel’s vision of the valley of dry bones has given birth to the Christian words of hope: “Dry bones shall live again.”In as much as the vision dwells lengthily on bringing dry bones back to life, the message is neither about resucitation nor is it about resurrection.It is a message of hope to the […]

“God Of The Living!”

“God Of The Living!”(Mt.22:23-33).We are daring into the topic we Africans usually don’t like to discuss. Death! Yet death is becoming more rampant that ever before.What is death?For the Christian the soul is that part of a person that continues to exist after the body has died. When a person is medically declared dead it […]

“Prepare To Welcome The Redeemer!”

“Prepare To Welcome The Redeemer!”(Is.59:1-4&9-16&20).Gory tales, and everywhere dead bodies in bedlam keeps increasing.When I woke up this morning to write this message, I read in a forum how a young girl has just died from a stray bullet somewhere in Bamenda town. Reacting to the news some people suggest that it is high time […]