“Live Up To What You Have Already Attained!”

“Live Up To What You Have Already Attained!”The hen told its chicks, “As I scatter the soil for food, I never look behind. I keep looking ahead because I know that the best lies ahead.” Paul used a similar imagery to relate his journey in faith to us.Paul in his quest for salvation states, “I […]

“Be Equipped With Weapons With Divine Power!”

“Be Equipped With Weapons With Divine Power!”By worldly standards Jesus was a failure. This was well expressed by the disciples on the way to Emmaus: “But we had hoped that he was the one who was going to redeem Israel”(Lk.24:21). Their hope was based on worldly standards whereby to redeem Israel Jesus would have led […]

“The Time Of God’s Favor And Salvation Is Now!”

“The Time Of God’s Favor And Salvation Is Now!”In the days of old God spoke through prophet Isaiah saying, “In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you”(49:8).Paul reminded and urged the Corinthians on this (II Cor.6:1-8a). By extension he is urging us too that we […]

“Do Not Be Afraid; Do Not Be Discouraged!”

“Do Not Be Afraid; Do Not Be Discouraged!”Taking human life is wrong. Notwithstanding the arguments raised to support the “just war theory” war is morally wrong.Ironically in any of their battles and wars, Israel was constantly being reminded that although they had a fully equipped army their victories was by the Lord.Before going to war […]

“Everything Is Possible If You Believe!”

“Everything Is Possible If You Believe!”While Jesus was up the mountain of transfiguration, a man brought his son to the didciples to cure him of his demonic epileptic seizures. The disciples were not able to do it. Jesus descended to the scene and when the boy’s father explained to him, Jesus was disappointed. He replied, […]