“Lord Jesus Christ, Give Me Living Water!”

“Lord Jesus Christ Give Me Living Water!”(Jn.4:4-15).God’s blessings does not fall on us like Manna fell from heaven. God uses somebody to bless somebody. To this end our ancestors taught us the importance of being welcoming to weary travellers and being kind to strangers.One did not sleep in the house without drinking water and some […]

“Ensure Your Place In The Kingdom Banquet!”

“Ensure Your Place In The Kingdom Banquet!”(Lk.14:16-24).Here is concern raised yerterday by one of us; and it is probably the concern of many of us. “Having read how Israel was God’s favored Nation, it beats my imagination why Israel as a Nation are Not Christians nor followers of Christ, but for a handful. I know […]

“Repent, And Return To The LORD!”

“Repent, And Return To The LORD!”(Ho.14:1-4).Parents know that pampered children are udually wayward, rude, ill-mannered and impolite. Africans use the rod and fix the child; we do not spare the rod to spoil the child.Our relationship with God is the same as the relationship between parents and their children.Israel was a kind of pampered child. […]

“Turn To The LORD And Be Saved!”

“Turn To The LORD And Be Saved!”(Is.45:22-25).The Rev Dr Dah titled his autobiography “Glimpses.” Indeed the stories of our lives can only be glimpses because it is difficult to tell the full story of a person’s life.I told you the other day that a greater part of what we call Scriptures are the biographies and […]

“Good News For All Nations!”

“Good News For All Nations!”(Acts 11:1-18).Prof Lamin O. Sanneh(late) enlarges our understanding that when the gospel crossed into the Gentile world it helped to relativize the Jewish culture and destigmatize Gentile cultures.Reading, and studying may still not lead to understanding. Otherwise the Jews who accused Peter for having gone into the homes of Gentiles would […]