“Turn To The LORD And Be Saved!”

“Turn To The LORD And Be Saved!”(Is.45:22-25).The Rev Dr Dah titled his autobiography “Glimpses.” Indeed the stories of our lives can only be glimpses because it is difficult to tell the full story of a person’s life.I told you the other day that a greater part of what we call Scriptures are the biographies and […]

“Good News For All Nations!”

“Good News For All Nations!”(Acts 11:1-18).Prof Lamin O. Sanneh(late) enlarges our understanding that when the gospel crossed into the Gentile world it helped to relativize the Jewish culture and destigmatize Gentile cultures.Reading, and studying may still not lead to understanding. Otherwise the Jews who accused Peter for having gone into the homes of Gentiles would […]

“Your Salvation Comes From the LORD!”

“Your Salvation Comes From the LORD!”(Jon.2).“If there is a man to pray, there is a God to answer.” We can consider this a clichè, but it is still meaningful. God makes ninety-nine steps towards us, but expects us to make the one step to get what he offers. When he provided Manna to the children […]

“The LORD Will Make The Best Of A Bad Situation For You!”

“The LORD Will Make The Best Of A Bad Situation For You!”(Jon.1:11-17).As the see grew wilder the men asked Jonah what they should do. Jonah told them to pick him and throw into the sea and the sea will be calm. They tried to steer the ship to shore, but the see got even wilder […]

“We Serve An All-inclusive LORD!”

“We Serve An All-inclusive LORD!”(Jon.1:1-10).Mungaka speakers have this name, “Mo’iwò?” It is a question,, “to whom does the other belong?” This question is asked as a means of curbing discrimination. It is intended to wipe out the “we and them/they and us syndrome!” Most African tribes have a perjorative term to address “outsiders!*Communities, cultures, tribes […]