“Made Righteous Through Faith In Christ Jesus!”

“Made Righteous Through Faith In Christ Jesus!”(Rom.3:21-26).A teacher of a Bible school has narrated the story how in a staff meeting of the school some teachers strongly advocated for the dismissal of a third year student for waywardness. Then one of their colleagues exclaimed, “Look at who wants the dismissal of a third year student!” […]

“Depend On The Teaching Of The Holy Spirit!”

“Depend On The Teaching Of The Holy Spirit!”(I Jn.2:26-29).I am privileged to be one of those who opt for a contextual reading and application of the Bible in the African context. I opt for a liberal stance in matters of faith. I consider a liberal stance to be appropriate on two biblical convictions – amidst […]

“Train Yourself In Godliness…!”

“Train Yourself In Godliness…!”(I Tim.4:6-10).We often spend time, wasting energy and intellect on trivialities. Some of the things we spent time arguing over end up not changing anything or adding value to our faith.Biblical godless myths which people often waste time and energy to argue about include: a snake talking and being able to convince […]


“Remember…!”(Dt.8:2-3).Chinua Achebe compares Okonkwo to nza the bird who after a heavy meal forgot himself and challenged his personal chi to a wrestling match. Okonkwo, like nza is reflective of the arrogance, selfishness and superiority complex that develops in those who do not “remember” how far they have come, where they come from and the […]

“Believe In The Testimony Of God!”

“Believe In The Testimony Of God!”(I Jn.5:9-13).Che and Ngala were very good friends. Ngala had an accident which took away his life. At the funeral Che wept more than all family members. Almost all the mourners concluded that Che loved his friend so much.In his dirge Che asked, “who will believe me?” Che had given […]