“Call On The Name Of The Lord And Be Saved!”

“Call On The Name Of The Lord And Be Saved!”As we continue to reflect on the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, let us put in a word for women in ministry. For too long Christianity thrived on the traditions of patriarchy. As such within some circles of Christianity women are still refused the […]

“Declare The Wonders Of God!”

“Declare The Wonders Of God!”In everything that God does, he ensures that there is continuity. The old is filled with new content to make it new. Jesus Christ died on the evening of the Paschal (Passover) feast and became the true sacrificial Lamb of the Passover celebration. Jesus transformed the regular Passover meal that was […]

“Do Not Grieve The Holy Spirit!”

“Do Not Grieve The Holy Spirit!”An artist wanted to paint a picture of Christ. He saw somebody and said to himself, “Christ must have looked like this man.” He used the man as a model for his painting. The painting was a great work of art that won the admiration of many.Some years later he […]

“May The Lord Put His Spirit On All His People Today!”

“May The Lord Put His Spirit On All His People Today!”Two expressions about a candle that challenges us on this Pentecost Sunday. “A candle loses none of its brightness when it lights another.” “To blow off another person’s candle-light does not make your own to shine any brighter.”We belong to each other. The burdens of […]

“Whatever It Is, It Is In God’s Will For You!”

“Whatever It Is, It Is In God’s Will For You!”It was in the heart of the rainy season. The pastor went to administer to a distant congregation. Midway on his journey there was a torrential downpour of rain. There was no place to take shelter. He arrived the congregation drenched to the marrow.When he returned […]