“Revel In The Glory Of The Lord!”

“Revel In The Glory Of The Lord!”Within the last seven years it has been told to me twice by my would-be assassins that they were paid to kill me. I am like “I don’t care” because man is not God!The commissioning of Isaiah challenges me to reveal the most secret sacred secret I’ve kept to […]

“The Lord Bless You…And Give You Peace!”

“The Lord Bless You…And Give You Peace!”(In western Christianity the first Sunday after Pentecost as it is today is celebrated as Sunday of the Holy Trinity).The regularly used benediction to dismiss worshippers in most protestant gatherings is the Aaronic benediction. God told Moses to tell Aaron and his sons, “This is how you are to […]

“Save Yourself From This Corrupt Generation!”

“Save Yourself From This Corrupt Generation!”We have spent the last few days reflecting on the sermon of Peter on Pentecost day. The sermon was a reaction to the fun made of them because they declared the wonders of God after the Holy Spirit came on them. They were accused of having had too much wine. […]

“Jesus Is Lord And The Christ!”

“Jesus Is Lord And The Christ!”In June 1978 the Committee on Bible Translation concluded their preface to the revised edition of the New International Version (NIV) Holy Bible with these words: “We offer this version of the Bible to him in whose name and for whose glory it has been made. We pray that it […]

“Make Use Of Your Pentecostal Grace…!”

“Make Use Of Your Pentecostal Grace…!”We are surrounded by evil people. We know them because we see them carry out their diabolic schemes. But we are mute. We behave like the goat. When the goat saw the dog barking at what it had seen, it told the dog, “What you have just seen and are […]