“Because Of Your Great Mercy O Lord…Hear And Act!”

“Because Of Your Great Mercy O Lord…Hear And Act!”While in the Babylonian captivity Daniel immersed himself in the book of Jeremiah. Therein he learned that the “desolation of Jerusalem will last seventy yesrs.” So Daniel “turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and petition, in fasting and in sackcloth and ashes”*(Dan.9:1-3).We […]

“Light Of God Shine In My Heart!”

“Light Of God Shine In My Heart!”The ministry can be very discouraging and frustrating; and there is great temptation to want to quit. Maybe it is for this reason that one has to sign a ten-year bond upon graduation from the seminary. The ten-year bond is so that in case you want to leave you […]

“Keep On Being Transformed To Reflect The Glory Of Christ!

“Keep On Being Transformed To Reflect The Glory Of Christ!”Every saint has a sinful past. Whatever your past is, is your old covenant which is like a veil that obscures your sight to radiance of God. Paul says that veil is taken away only in Christ.Whenever whoever concentrates on an old covenant a veil covers […]

“Walk While You Have The Light!”

“Walk While You Have The Light!”Ignorance breeds a lot of misunderstandings amongst folks and cause people to understand at cross purposes. A young minister after spending some months in his new parish noticed that the parishioners drank a lot of “afohfoh”– locally distilled gin. One Sunday he wanted to demonstrate the dangers of taking the […]

“Thy Will O Lord Not Mine, I Will Obey…!”

“Your Will O Lord Not Mine, I will Obey…!”I find deep theological meaning in this line by Mary McKee, “…nothing I planned has turned out right…” Indeed; if it is in God’s will and according to his plan, then our human plans can never turn out right the way we wanted. It is simple: humans […]