“Use Medicine As A Complement To Divine Healing!”

“Use Medicine As A Complement To Divine Healing!”The debate has often been raised as to whether belief in divine healing is compatible with scientific medical healing. Perhaps the argument is lopsided in that we reason that divine intervention must always be miraculous without the use of medicine.Divine healing in the Bible does not necessarily exclude […]

“Direct All Healing Mercies To The Lord!”

“Direct All Healing Mercies To The Lord!”The most beautiful princess in the land was betrothed to the Fox. On the day he was to bring home his bride, he sent his friend Lizard. Lizard went and took the bride but because she was a superb beauty Lizard eloped with her. Fox heard the news and […]

“You Have Been Saved By Grace To Do Good Works!”

“You Have Been Saved By Grace To Do Good Works!”We prepare the ground, plant the seeds, and spend considerable time tending the crops, but it is God Almighty who gives the growth. Grassfield wisdom says a child who is carried on the mother’s back cannot complain that the journey is long; nor that he has […]

“Lord, I Give You All The Praise!”

“Lord, I Give You All The Praise!”No matter how powerful a humanbeing can be, s/he is limited before God! We may become anything but whatever you become don’t forget that all glory belongs to God. God delivers the humble but strikes down the arrogant in unprecedented ways.King Herod had arrested Peter and other church members […]

“Be A Servant Leader!”

“Be A Servant Leader!”West African wisdom says you should first of all chase the fox that came to catch the chicks after which you warn the hen against wandering far into the bush. One of the characteristics of servanthood leadership is to learn to pretend not to hear some of the things your collaborators are […]