“Lord, Thank You For Calling Me!”

“Lord, Thank You For Calling Me!” According to Luke Jesus spent a whole night on a mountainside praying before selecting from among his disciples the twelve whom he “designated apostles.” Intense prayer before the selection of leaders remain paramount within any faith community. Luke ends the list of the twelve with, “and Judas Iscariot, who […]

“Let Mercy Stand Above Sacrifice!”

“Let Mercy Stand Above Sacrifice!” Jesus saw Matthew at his tax collector’s booth and told him, “‘Follow me,’ and Matthew got up and followed him.” Lesson: It is important to be at your place of work on time, for it is there that God’s favour comes knocking. As soon as Matthew followed Jesus, we are […]

“Come, Follow Me…!”

“Come, Follow Me…!” The first four disciples of Christ were from two families. They were all fisher men. The first two were Simon Peter and his brother Andrew. Jesus’ words to these were, “Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” When he saw two other brothers James and John he “called […]

“Lord Touch My Lips And Take Away My Guilt!”

“Lord Touch My Lips And Take Away My Guilt…!” God has not called any of us because of our righteousness. The other day I asked for forgiveness from the Synod, the ruling body of my church. I told them that if the world is full of sinners, I know that I am the worst of […]

“The Spirit Of The Lord Will Come On David With Power!”

“The Spirit Of The Lord Will Come On David With Power!” The anointing of David as king while Saul the reigning king was still alive is one of those biting ironies of fate. The prophet Samuel was disappointed with king Saul and was mourning. God asked Samuel, “How long will you mourn for Saul, since […]