“Happy Reformation Day!”

“Happy Reformation Day!”(Mk.4:30-32).On this day, 505 years ago – 31st October, 1517 – Martin Luther posted The Ninety-five Theses on the door of the Castile Church in Wittenberg. There was nothing unusual about his action. It was the usual procedure for giving notice of such a disputatiion which were a regular feature of university life.There […]

“Live To Please God”

“Live To Please God!”(I Th.4:1-8).A child who always comes home with good grades makes the parents happy. But as long as the child is not in the first position, the parents, despite their joy may still tell the child, “Well done! But your best is not good enough! Strive for the top position!”It is in […]

“Keep Yourselves In God’s Love!”

“Keep Yourselves In God’s Love!”(Jude 20-25).Today’s meditation is coming from Jude, the last but one book of the New Testament(NT). This one chapter book bears the name of the author. Not much is known about him, but he says he is the brother of James. Jude’s message is addressed “to those who have been called, […]

“Jesus Will Stop – Even For You!”

“Jesus Will Stop – Even For You!”(Mk.10:46-52).The life of a young girl was slowly ebbing away from a terminal disease. Her pastor visited and comforted her saying, “My daughter take heart. Jesus is the answer.” In desperation the her and girl asked, “But what is the question?”A teacher cannot expect a correct answer from the […]

“Come To Jesus…!”

“Come To Jesus…!”(Mk.1:32-34).If somebody kicks your buttocks it means you are in front of him. Being in front here is a mark of superiority over the person behind. Kicking your buttocks being the spill over effect of envy or outright hatred.Our Lord Jesus Christ “healed many who had various diseases. He also drove out many […]