“Lord Answer Me When I Cry For Help!”

“Lord Answer Me When I Cry For Help!”Our present predicament seems to be a confirmation that underlying any political, economic or social crises is a spiritual crisis. The economy is collapsing, social fabric is declining because of the politics of muscle flexing that has dehumanised and destroyed the social cohesion of communities.Everybody is right in […]

“The Lord Is The Defender Of The Defenseless!”

“The Lord Is The Defender Of The Defenseless!”We say it as a joke that, “Cow wey e noh get tail na God di drivam fly.” Who are those tailess cows? Scriptures say the poor, the widow, the orphan, the alien – in fact, all defenseless people – are objects of God’s special concern and providential […]

“When The Lord Calls Listen To Him And He Will Listen To You When You Call!”

Text: Zec.7:8-14).Theme: “When The Lord Calls, Listen To Him And He Will Listen To You When You Call!”Most quarells are the results of unfairness, inequalities and injustices. Oh yes, when injustice becomes law, God becomes angry with the people! In his anger he scatters them like a whirlwind among the nations and they become strangers.This […]

“Be Opened!”

In today’s reading Jesus healed a deaf and mute man by outting his fingers into the man’s ears and touching the man’s tongue with his spit (Mk.7:31-37). In the present dispensation of COVID-19, this kind of healing would have ignited the rage of his adversaries. It would have been considered that his actions will help […]

“Lord Have Mercy On Me! “

“Lord Have Mercy On Me!”The miraculous healings of Jesus confirmed the predictions of prophet Isaiah about a Messianic age in which “the eyes of the blind will be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped. Then will the lame leap like a dear, and the mute tongue shout for joy”(35:5-6b).Two blind men followed Jesus […]