“Stop Passing Judgment On One Another!”

“Stop Passing Judgment On One Another!”The error of Christians today is that we take a firm stance and pass judgment on “disputable matters” concerning minute dietary issues, observance of holy days and other special days.Anything that is disputable has not been established as a fact, and so open to question or debate.On the one hand […]

“It Is In God’s Plan!”

“It Is In God’s Plan!”What we eventually become is oftentimes the result of holding on to our childhood divinely inspired dreams. Dream it and you become it!However, it is not just about holding on to the dream, but believing in it and the source of the dream. What God says will be, will be!The pathway […]

“Be Merciful, Just As Your Father Is Merciful!”

“Be Merciful, Just As Your Father Is Merciful!”It is common to hear expressions like, “who are you to judge me? Jesus says, “Do not judge…” Imagine a society where anybody does what he or she pleases and there is no correctional measures or moral guidelines! Jesus does not relieve us of the need to discern […]

“For The Sake Of Peace…!”

“For The Sake Of Peace…!”We are in the heat of a conflict which started like child’s play towards the end of 2016. Since then till now we have had lots and lots of seminars, workshops and conferences on conflict resolution. Also within this period a number of NGOs and Peace and Conflict Resolution institutes have […]

“May God’s Grace Locate You Always!”

“May God’s Grace Locate You Always!”Africans can only consider that biblical Abraham is their ancestor by adoption and not through consanguinity. However, he is the ancestor of all who believe, even if they are not his offspring. This is in the sense that before grace located him, he was where we all are or have […]