“Return To The Lord!”

“Return To The Lord!”Back in the days the only road that linked the grassfields region (graffi) to the coastal region of the then West Cameroon was through Mamfe. Traffic was one way.It happened that one woman in Bali thought enough was enough in her marriage. She decided to abandon her marital home and run to […]


“Return…!”Return is an intransitive verb defined as “come or go back to a place or person.”It came to me as a renewed inspiration that the word return is the central theme of Scriptures. By central theme I mean that Scriptures is about God asking us to come back or ordering us to go back to […]

“Cherish And Preserve The Word Of God!”

“Cherish And Preserve The Word Of God!”A work of art, no matter how perfectly done is a reproduction of the original as it is in the mind of the originator. To destroy that piece of art does not destroy the original in the mind of the conceiver.The words of the scroll as dictated by prophet […]

“The Lord Has Hidden You…!”

“The Lord Has Hidden You…!”King Jehoiakim went gainst the advice of some of his officials and burned the scroll containing the word of God which Baruch wrote, as dictated by Jeremiah. The good thing is that the king allowed the word to be read to him. Unfortunately, burning the scroll did not change the word […]

“The King Must Hear This!”

“The King Must Hear This!”We often personalize our faith because salvation is personal. It is true that God is concerned for the individual, but only in so far as individuals constitute community.God expects us to be one another’s keeper. Structural sin can be the undoing of a nation. The wickedness of constituted authority through evil […]