Statement From The AACC Symposium on Misleading Theologies

(Dear Clergies and Christians, Reformation Day today is a very timely day to disseminate this Statement coming from AACC. The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon was represented by a strong delegation of five, two of whom presented some of the papers that were the topics for discussions which led to the Statement below. Rev Babila Fochang). […]

“Our God Is All Embracing!”

“Our God Is All Embracing!” Jesus emphasises, “I will not cast out anyone who comes to me.” With the use of a parable Jesus says the kingdom of God “is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest seed you plant in the ground. Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all […]

“Be A Good Tree And Produce Good Fruit!”

“Be A Good Tree And Produce Good Fruit!” It was a very important sympossium we had in Nairobi concerning “Misleading Theologies” in Africa. After a lengthy group discussion we came out with the definition that any theogy that disregards the dignity of humanity and poses a threat to human life is misleading. At the beginning […]

“The Best Is Yet To Come, Ask God For Forgiveness!”

“The Best Is Yet To Come, Ask God For Forgiveness!” On Mount Sinai God had just given the stone tablet to Moses containing the ten commandments. In his absence Aaron took advantage to ask the people to bring their trinkets which he used in making a golden calf god. In anger of what he saw […]