“Give Everyone A Chance…!”

“Give Everyone A Chance…!” When schools boycott started in 2017 a joke made its round that “all schools have been shut down except Sunday Schools.” It may have been a joke, but it tells how important children are in heavenly matters. Jesus tells us that children also have an important place in the kingdom of […]

“Make Yourself Always Ready For Reconciliation!”

“Make Yourself Always Ready For Reconciliation!” The question on many lips today is, “Why is it so difficult for church ministers in particular and all christians in general to practice what they preach concerning the settling of disputes?” If I am accused rightly or wrongly, I will provide the right opportunity for my accusers to […]

“Jesus Is Calling, Come And Save Your Soul…!”

“Jesus Is Calling, Come And Save Your Soul…!” We are thankful to God Almighty for giving us another week. We trust that his protective arms will continue to be around each of us as we go about our daily activities. This week will centre on God’s ever readiness to accept the repentant sinner. Some say […]

“Jesus Christ Is For Everybody!”

“Jesus Christ Is For Everybody!” There’s a Christian pun: “please can you shift so that I too can have a view of the Lord?” Have you ever been in an occasion where the person sitting in front of you is taller? You keep making frantic efforts to see what is going on at the front. […]

“You Pray For Me And I Pray For You!”

“You Pray For Me And I Pray For You!” Way back in 1997 I was to be operated upon for a nerve problem. After all the necessary tests and preparations it was left for me to go to the theatre. Prayer groups in my congregations of Nsimeyong and Bertoua went into serious prayers. Twenty two […]