“Have Faith…!”

“Have Faith…!”(Heb.11:1-7).“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…” with the rest of creation happening at his words(Gen.1:1ff). The question we do not want to voice openly, but asked by the majority of students of theology is, “Who was present, seeing how God was creating to be able to put it down in […]

“Let The Surprise Element Not Take You By Surprise!”

“Let The Surprise Element Not Take You By Surprise!”(I Th.5:5-11).It’s another beautiful day in which the LORD has once more shown us love. “Thank you LORD” is all we can offer.“The day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.” People will be living care-free lives like in the days of Noah, […]

“Be To God An Aroma Of Christ…!”

“Be To God The Aroma Of Christ…”(II Cor.2:14-17).Aroma is defined as “a distinctive, typically pleasant smell.” Words similar in meaning are: smell, odour, fragrance, perfume, etc. Aroma which tantalizes one person can be nauseating to another person. Let me explain myself with these anecdotes: A social media friend recounts that he was five years old […]

“On Trial For The Resurrection Hope!”

“On Trial For The Resurrection Hope!”(Acts24:10-21).My Islam teacher, one of our fathers in the faith said there is a sense in which all Christians are Islam, since Islam means “submission to the will of God.” Christian use of the name Pharisee tends to be perjorative, as if we are not adherents of Pharisaic beliefs. Jesus […]

“Do Not Be In Error For Lack Of Knowledge!”

“Do Not Be In Error For Lack Of Knowledge!”(Mk.12:18-27).It’s another day and the beginning of another week. We thank God for finding us worthy to still be in the land of the living.Death and the hereafter is the preoccupation of all religions. To some death is annihilation. To others there is reincarnation, and to others […]