“Take The Lord Jesus Christ At His Word!”

“Take The Lord Jesus Christ At His Word!”(Jn.4:43-54).We are currently engaged in a house to house quarter visits to know exactly where our Christians live. When we enter a house we greet, then ask that the members should be called in for prayers. After prayers we move on.A noticeable common trend is the shift of […]

“Water Is Life, Do Not Contaminate It With Sin!”

“Water Is Life, Do Not Contaminate It With Sin!”(Jer.14:2-9).During the time of prophet Jeremiah Jerusalem(Judah) was a place where natural streams and rivers were scarce. The city depended on adequate rain. They made cisterns to catch enough rain water. You can imagine the fate of animals, plants and humans when such a place experiences acute […]

“Trust The Lord Who Heals!”

“Trust The Lord Who Heals!”(Ex.15:22-27).From the Red Sea the Israelites were in the desert of Shur for three days without finding water. At Marah they saw water but could not drink because it was bitter. And as usual they grumbled against Moses – which is to say they grumbled against God!Moses cried out to the […]

“Be Equipped With Divine Power And Divine Nature, But Do Not Be Complacent!”

“Be Equipped With Divine Power And Divine Nature, But Do Not Be Complacent!”(II Pt.1:3-8).I spent quite some years teaching African Traditional Religion(ATR) at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Due to my mastery of the subject a good number of pastors who came in for a degree programme usually concluded that I was loaded with the mystical […]

“…Christ Receiveth Sinful Men!”

“…Christ Receiveth Sinful Men!”(Mt.9:9-13).During his earthly days the Lord Jesus Christ was a social person with a carefree attitude. He asked Matthew the tax collector at his tax booth to follow him and no sooner had Matthew accepted to follow him, he had dinner in Matthew’s house.Among those who ate with him were “many tax […]