“Lord In Your Mercy, Do Not Banish Me From Your Presence!”

“Lord In Your Mercy, Do Not Banish Me From Your Presence!”The Nigerian comedian Okey Bakassi says Adam and by extension all men are slow-witted. He ssys God asked Adam a simple question of location, “Where are you? instead of giving God his location, he started a diatribe, “I heard you in the garden, and I […]

“Beware Of Crafty People!”

“Beware Of Crafty People!”The story of the fall of humankind is the story of a crafty creature who used his wiles to outwit a crafty woman and succeeded to turn them against God. It is a story of enticement and seduction leading to outright disobedience. It is the story of a blatant denial of divine […]

“Feed Daily On The Word Of God!”

“Feed Daily On The Word Of God!”Back in the days after an impactful sermon you would hear from old mothers remarks like, “We were well fed today.” “The food today was very delicious.” Etc. Indeed; the word of God is food for the soul! It nourishes the spirit and enables us to have a closer […]

“Ignore Any Intimidation And Remain Focused!”

“Ignore Any Indimidation And Remain Focused!”St. Francis of Assisi loved gardening. One day as he was weeding in his garden somebody asked him what he would do if God told him he was to die the next moment. Francis simply replied, “I will keep on weeding my garden until the moment arrives.”Where we often turn […]

“Pray For Spiritual Discernment!”

“Pray For Spiritual Discernment!”Prophet Elijah is unique among the Old Testament prophets in that he was taken up to heaven alive. Some may say even today he still has not died. The difference between Elijah and Christ is that Christ tasted death so as to overcome death through the resurrection, thus becoming the firstborn of […]