“Lord Have Your Way With Me; But Only Save Me Now!”

“Lord Have Your Way With Me, But Only Save Me Now!”Nations considered as contemporary world super powers may not for once wonder what happened to the great civilizations of old as we learned about in history and through archaeological finds. There is an “Unmoved Mover” who controls the time and tide. He has set the […]

“Lord Forgive Us!”

“Lord Forgive Us!”Moses was up the mountain receiving the Ten Commandments. In his absence the Israelites put presure on Aaron to give them a god they could see. This is how they made the golden calf to be their god.When Moses came down and saw it, he told the people, “You have sinned a great […]

“Walk In The Light Of God!”

“Walk In The Light Of God!”The other day Doh told us how he accompanied his blind friend, Fon to his home. As soon as they entered the house Fon switched on the light. Surprised at the action Doh asked him, “Fon, you are blind, why switch on the light?” Fon replied, “Doh my friend, I […]

“Strive For Oneness In Christ!”

“Strive For Oneness In Christ!”We are familiar with the expression “What are friends for?” I’m beginning to take the question very seriously and wondering; what truly are friends for; especially Facebook friends! I have five thousand Facebook friends. There are above a thousand friend requests queued up. On my Morning Meditation page there are about […]

“Remain True To The Lord With All Your Heart!”

“Remain True To The Lord With All Your Heart!”Interestingly the early spread of the gospel was not even by the designated twelve. After the stoning of Stephen “a great persecution broke out against the Church at Jerusalem, and all except the apostles were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria” (Acts8:1).As the scattered traveled far and wide […]